Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's been forever.....

Ok first let me start off by saying it's been forever & a day since I've blogged. I'm really going to try & keep up I mean atleast once a month or something.
Bajajajaja (my mexican laugh)

So honestly, I was so scared to try Kim K's new perfume. I know I'm a little late on this but, I heard so much about it on twitter & some people loved it & some hated it then some gave it another chance. If it stunk, I would have been devastated. But after testing it out, I LOVED it!!! It smelt fresh to me, perfect for spring. The only thing is it really doesn't last long on me & I'd hate to spray the whole bottle so that when i walk in some where people get an overdose of Kim K. That would be horrible so instead I also bought the rollerball for my purse.

I have NEVER found it easy to find products for my oily face. Gosh it works my last never to see someone shinning so bright from there face due to oily skin. I mean come on dab some blot poweder on your self girlfriend. Bajajaja, blot poweder is my best friend. So I once had a wise girl tell me "you need to use a primer it will absorb your oils". Well, I often change primers looking for the perfect one & I think I finally found love a priemer made especially for oily girls like us by Cover FX, called Clear Prep FX. Clear Prep is a mattifying primer that helps to absorb oil. It also contains acne fighting ingredients, antiaging ingredients and line fillers. So you can beat the oilies, and acne without totally stripping your skin. I have been using this for about a week my makeup glides right on no pull or smudging. I definitely had longer makeup wear and less oil when using this. My face cleared up in my trouble spots like magic at first when you apply it it feels sort of oily but, once it sets you see the matte effect.     

So because of Melformakeup I had to get my paws on this & I love it, it's ahhmazing!!!
Purity cleans and soothes without my skin feeling tight & dry. In other words my face feels like a baby's butt....bajajaja I think Roman has been using it when I'm not looking.

Lip Butter didn't disappoint... natural ingredients like shea butter and rice wax have been keeping my lips moisturized and feeling good. It melts on your lips like real buttahh. I try and avoid lip products that live in a pot. I simply can’t deal with the “messy on my finger” thing that happens. Then, there’s this need to wipe your finger somewhere gross.

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  1. I was one of those people who hated the perfume! But I got it a while back & I love it! I wear it everyday!

    You totally made me crack up with "baby's butt"! Lol I definitely gotta try it